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I am an Orthopaedic surgeon practicing in Indianapolis with a group called Ortho Indy. I am fellowship trained in arthritis surgery and total joint replacement. My practice is dedicated to providing care to those who suffer from arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, and other degenerative or traumatic conditions of the hip and knee. In that capacity I perform approximately 500 total joint replacement procedures and several arthroscopic procedures annually. While the majority of my patients are from Indiana and the Midwest, I have patients from all over the United States and from 5 foreign countries. From 1988 until 2005 I was the Director of the Total Joint Service at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. I am currently the Director of the Total Joint Center at the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital and am the Past-President of Ortho Indy. While many of my patients are referred by their primary care physician or specialists, most are referred by family or friends. My office does accept Medicare assignment as well as many insurance plans from throughout the United States.

My web site is designed for your information and education about my practice, my staff, and the medical conditions we treat. Enjoy.


My mission is: to abide by the Hippocratic oath and provide my patients with the best service that I can. I remain a very strong patient advocate, and I am committed to upholding the highest medical and ethical standards for the profession. Consistent with these standards, I am committed to providing my patients with information about appropriate treatment options, answer questions about medical risks and accurate medical facts which patients need to make informed decisions about their treatment. I respect patients' requests regarding decisions about their healthcare and I respect their right to privacy. I attempt to provide information about other medical resources when I believe it is beneficial to the patient's care. This is the essence of my beliefs in the practice of medicine, and in particular the specialty of joint replacement surgery. My mission is to attempt to alleviate pain and suffering for patients afflicted with arthritis and similar joint diseases. To that end, I will utilize and help develop new technologies to improve the care of patients with those diseases.

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